by Anna

[...] something to be said quietly, not copied from the internet [murmurs], about a particular slab of meat- unoriginal in highs and lows, protein pools forming at the back of glacial lenses. Value found more with peppermint than feeling, therein lay [...] same determination as witnessed in pit of despair experiments, hands clutching at the hairiest parts [tentative laughter], in order to shift the faeces [laughter, applause].

Trapped between revelry and practicality, the most mentionable feature [...] paleness, quietly interrupted by capillaries riddled [...] a prescribed hatred, and unforgiving humour [...] typing errors and mass [coughing] disappearances. And in this sleep of death, for what are we if not recycled ideas [murmurs], came an explosion of red from the inside casing, causing [laughter] mess and hallucinated depictions of childhood rabbits, in pieces [raucous].

Talents mainly included the rites of alienation and sleeping for the purposes of avoiding ritualistic conversation about nails and hair- ironically the more lasting of the bodily displays during the open-air stage of the grave [murmurs]. Wealth was accumulated and creatures slain via network cables [laughter] routed directly to the lungs- currently 39 days wasted in all, moreĀ [...] consider the hair and nails. And you do [laughter] consider the hair and nails.

[...] parcels of headless cats more welcome than flowers for eliciting a response of fashionable emotion and straight hidden lines in scalps [exclamation: scalps!] set to rapturous applause, covered by hair [:hair! laughter]- but [pause] oddly allied to aggression and [...], self-implosion warranted the clearing of search history for an [...] aggressor spending lunchtimes reading articles on ancient literature and [quieter] monkey torture.

We turn our attention now to the flames.

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