The Second Blog

I decided to go to Burger King for the last meal. It was one of those decisions that once implanted in your head, was difficult to expunge. I made the decision on the bus journey on the way into town, not that there was any rush; the way it was, there was all the time in the world. The day would be endless and finite all at the same time. Besides, Burger King was just there and I was hungry. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed quite fitting. I wasn’t sure how. I wasn’t sure of much, anymore. I decided the reason for choosing was in essence, meaningless and decided not to ponder it further. I decided that was fitting, also. I decided that I was enjoying the word ‘expunge’. I decided to go to Burger King.

The milkshake machine was broken, but I didn’t cause a fuss. Being escorted from the premises would mean the potential ruin of my day. Being escorted from the premises would mean the potential discovery of the medicines, placed nonchalantly in my bag. There would be nothing exceptional about them, were there not so many. I settled for a Coke. A Coke, instead of a Diet Coke. As a treat. The table behind me compromised of the company of two young mothers, and two babies. One mother said to one of the babies, ‘Eat that fucking chicken’. I presumed it was hers. I decided the meaning of words was evident when we didn’t know the words. Irony is detectable in screaming, ‘Please’ or whispering, ‘I love you’. Didn’t like to think that humans were like dogs, taking meaning from tone. Liked to feel greater than dogs. I had a dog once, but it died. Decided that it didn’t matter anyway, decided that we all turned back to dust.

My Grandma took me to Burger King once when I was little, and I remember being in the toilets with her and her being mad and kicking the flush button to make it work. She was always a bit mad. I wondered if I’d see Grandma in Heaven. Wondered if there was a Heaven.

19 thoughts on “The Second Blog

  1. I love Whoppers, but I would NOT have been able to eat an obviously-non-beef burger after thinking about my dog dying. I get that way. Love ♥ LOVE ♥ Grandma kicking the toilet!


  2. Very interesting! As at the moment I’m reading Nabokov, your poetic style suites me just perfectly. Definitely going to read more of your blog.


  3. I went to burger king once and saw a hair in my milkshake. I removed it and the surrounding area and continued to drink it. Does that make me gross for not throwing it away? Way I saw it was its only that area that could be bothersome…and it’s only a hair.


    1. Honestly, I probably would have had it changed, if only for the sake of getting more, free milkshake.


    1. Thanks Pete for your comment on the ‘rate’ forum thread, and on here too! I might change the theme yet again, still trying to get used to WordPress and all its whatnot. And I’m going to aim to write a blog post about once a week now, so hopefully there should be some more oddments floating about the place in the time still yet to come :D


    2. And thanks for your comment too! Best one I’ve had yet! :) It does get some getting used to, I messed around for hours with the settings and whatnot, still not entirely happy with it. Too much of a perfectionist haha.


    1. The stories I write are always going to compromise part fiction and part reality, but bizarrely enough, that part actually did happen. The world both makes me want to laugh and want to punch people in the face, all at the same time. Thanks ever so much for your comment, and thanks for reading! Hopefully not everything I write will come out as bleak as this one, ha ha :)


    2. Interesting writing style, very poetic. If you punch people in the face whilst laughing it would surely lead to some experiences that you could blog about.

      When released from prison. ;-)


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