The Green House

The effortless pleasure of the dreary Sunday; counting the needles to take to work tomorrow and peeling the skin from my fingers. I sit in the back of the car and superglue earrings back together, the shabby workmanship of the internet occupying my time, weekly. The windows of the car are wide open, and the chill of the wind lingers on my skin.

We take the long way home, always. We enjoy the tension of the turns in the road, and the music we play: track after track of bleak magic. These are the things we enjoy in the light. And in the dark, there is the Green House.

The Green House sits atop a hill in the near distance, the dark night seemingly growing ever darker, silhouetted against the jade milieu. I turn my head for the moments in between the trees when the hilltop will unlock and the Green House emerges luminous against the sky. Suffused in sinister emeralds and engorged with grandeur, oftentimes I have wondered if it exists at all. The daylight attests the Green House invisible. My mind convulses with thoughts of what could ever lie inside, or its unfathomable colours in the sunlight- much too bright to comprehend- as we speed past in the car, running out of all the time in the world. But in the dead of the night there stands the Green House, manor, cradle- of imagination and mystery: a solitary figure against the dark, dark sky. A beacon of green anticipation in a sea of black hills, and red and yellow car lights.

My heart swells and dies in the brief moments in between the trees. I turn my head to the earrings in my lap once more, the light now too dim to continue with my menial task. We drive home to superglue further. Sometimes I snap them on purpose.

14 thoughts on “The Green House

  1. Brilliant… I Truly Long for you to Write a Story, or Book, because I know it will Simply Sweep Me Away… I don’t actually Read a lot, but part of that is that I’m really picky… Maybe too picky, lol. But your Writing Sweeps me away… Like Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz kind of Magical drawing… Granted, the Subject Matter is obviously not quite the same, lol… But it doesn’t really matter… The Fabric of your Work is Captivating, Unbelievably Colorful, and Tantalizing really. Like I’ve said before, there’s an “Addictive” Quality to it, and it leaves me wanting more.

    Take me Away Anna, I will Gladly Come



    1. Ah, DarkJade, thank you for your lovely comment, as always! You never fail to make me smile! And talking of books, is is too late to download your poetry book? I’ve been so busy the past couple of days that it just slipped out of my head, and I do apologise :(


  2. Bleak magic! ♥♥
    This is is really great, Anna! Up I5 there is a paper mill that only exists at night. In the day, it practically doesn’t exist, but at night you can see it from miles away, this luminous blue glow emanating from a majestic castle that you only catch glimpses of. I never would have thought to imagine it this way. Haha, I’m sure the King of Everything lives there!


    1. Anne, that just sounds so wonderful! This particular building I’m describing is never visible in the day, at least not from the distance I look at it from. But at night they do illuminate it in green, and I have never known what it is, though I look forward to seeing it whenever we drive past. I almost don’t want to know what it is as it might spoil the majesty. I do love it, though, whatever it is :)


  3. “Counting the needles to take to work”, “superglue earrings back together”, “the shabby workmanship of the internet”, ‘running out of all the time in the world”, indeed. And the rest quite wonderful as usual.


    1. Thanks trailertrashdeluxe! I didn’t count my needles yesterday as it’s Easter Monday today; tonight however, I shall do so with a smile on my face because of you! :)


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