In the intermission of the night’s performance, a swirling miasma of electricity and murder, I awoke to find a creature stood in the middle of my room; the expanse of its limbs wrapped in each corner of the ceiling. It shook the very foundations of the house as its body pulsated under the faint light of the moon- impossibly long, deep gashes of red rode down the length of its auburn arms, like the bark of a rotting tree. It grinned at me, a grim dripping smile extending downwards, which smothered me from the centre of the room. Green and pink fantasies wrapped around my mind as I slipped slowly towards the trembling and as I grew nearer the yellows of the creature’s eyes forced my own eyes to remain open, irreconcilably drawn to the only source of light amongst the darkness of the room. My body shook and my blood ran frenzied to my brain, causing me to become sickeningly dizzy. I was now face to face with the creature and could feel its breath upon my shoulders. I could not close my eyes.

Instead I placed my hands over my eyes and smelled the sweet remnants of perfume on my wrists. Swathed in soft vapours, the dull sunshine from the horizon melodiously caressed my eyelids. The warmth of the thought made me feel so safe, so genial, until finally the tremors which had escalated steadily from my feet, hurled me back into the darkness with its final manic throe. The clamminess of my hands over my eyes made me feel degraded, the stale perfume upon my wrists made me feel sick.

I removed my hands and found the entire world to be most silent. As my eyes adjusted to the shadows once more I found that the creature had disappeared, and that I was alone in the centre of the room, my palpitating breath serving as the only reminder that time still had courage enough to pass. My belongings lay scattered across the floor; I bandaged up my feet and gingerly walked to my bed, and fell back into an uneasy sleep.


20 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. Hey Anna, I’m not sure this is something that would Interest you… But I’m looking to get My “I Died Once” (I.D.O.) Novella Edited, and Self Published during May-June, and I was wondering if you’re Interested in Editing at all? My Oldest Sister Edited My “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” Poetry Book that I Self Published in January, and I was hoping she’d be able to Edit My Novella… But she just hasn’t had time… I know you’re a “Writer”, not necessarily an Editor, but I also know that you seem to Really “Get” My Writing, and You’re a Brilliant Writer yourself… Anyway, as I now Ponder getting someone other than My Sister to Edit My Novella, you were the First Person that came to mind.
    I know you keep your “Writing” world separate from your Outside life, so maybe Editing someone’s work might be included in that… But I wanted to throw it at you before I start full blown looking for someone to replace My Sister on this Project. You’d get Copies of the Book of Course, and Credit as the Editor on the Book, Online and Off Line… A Feather in your Cap, so to Speak, Lol… And of course if “Millions” Roll in, you shall of course receive a bit of that, Ha… Maybe a car, Eh, Lol… Or do you need Cars in London? Hmm…

    Anyway, Like I say, I just wanted to see if it would be something you’d be interested in… No pressure, you’re just someone I thought of, and Respect.



    1. Ah, DarkJade, I’m so honoured you thought of me! I would absolutely love to do this, but I simply can’t guarantee I’m going to have the time to dedicate myself to the editing as much as it deserves; I work a 45-50 hour week and over the weekend I’m writing for the Insanity Aquarium (plus I’m launching another new blog on Monday!). If ever the time comes when I am financially stable enough to reduce my hours and live in some kind of castle, I would genuinely love to edit anything you threw my way, but for the time being I’m afraid I will have to decline. I would still LOVE to see the finished product though and I wish you the very best of luck in finding an editor :)


    2. Thank you Anna… And if I ever Own a Castle, I shall Dedicate a Tower to you, so you may have your Own Tower to Edit My Work, Lol And if you would like to have some friends over, all you have to do is “Let Down Your Hair”, Lol

      In Truth, I understand the Long Work Weeks, I did them for many, many years Myself… It’s only now that I have time to Pursue Writing Full Time, but it’s not because I Own a Castle, Hee Hee… It’s because of other Life Challenges that lead me to Writing, instead of Film Making. I Work very Part Time at the moment, and actually wish it would pick up.

      I will definitely let you see the Finished Edited Work… One of My Readers actually Full Blown Reviewed it recently, something that I need to thoroughly go over, and Reply to… The Editor thing is tough, because I want to “Trust” the Editor… Not that anything will be changed unless I think it should be… But, you know what I mean.

      This Reader offered to “Line Edit”, which I hadn’t heard of, but apparently they’re in some form of “Critique” Group, and they all do it for one another.

      I might have them do it, and take a look at it… And perhaps then My Sister can go over any Changes I might have made, after some work has already been done.

      But I don’t really know this Reader all that well, only that they Like My Work, and Filled out a pretty thorough Reply to My Recent “Site Hitting 8 Months Old” Questionnaire… In this Questionnaire, they did a good job of Saying what they like, and what they’d like to see more of in My Blog Series “Dark Rider”, and “Whisper Moon”.

      You are on a Very Short List of people I’ve considered to Edit My Work, and I’m just not too sure about the Other Two… So I may need to do some more Research, and/or Searching… Either that, or Like I say, to a bit of Refining of what I have, and then see if My Sister can Finish it up. But She’s pretty busy these days.

      Alas, another Long Reply, Lol… Anyway, Thank You for the Encouragement, and let me know if you’d like to see this Person’s Review of the Piece, as I know you Read it, and am curious what you think of some of the things they said. Also, if you’d ever like to Read My Full Blown Finished Screenplay of “White Jade” (You Mentioned a Long Time Ago that you Liked The Comic Book Art From that Story), Let me know, and I will E-mail you a Copy. I think you’d really like “White Jade”, it’s something I don’t Post on Blogs.

      Thanks Again Anna

      Ohhh, What’s This New Blog About??? Or is it a Secret?



    3. Hi DarkJade,

      I’d love a copy of White Jade; I still think you should see about getting the comic book based version published! I do wish you the best of luck with finding the right editor, it will be a long process but you’ll know what feels right when you come across it.

      And don’t you worry, my dear, all will be revealed on Monday!


    4. Hey Anna, I E-mailed you a Copy of “White Jade”… Hopefully it’s an Ok E-mail Address… I think I had it from when you Submitted your Writing Contest Entry.

      As I said in the E-mail, I’m definitely still interested in Making it a Comic Book at some point, but I may need to find another Artist, and you can Imagine how hard it will be to find one even Remotely as good as the one from those Drawings. We shall see.

      Thanks for your Words of Encouragement, I feel pretty strongly that I will figure out someone that will do a decent job with Editing “I Died Once”… It may just take a bit of time.

      Thanks for Checking out “White Jade”, totally interested in what you think of it… You can be totally Honest, I poured a lot of hours into Writing it back in 2002-2004, but it was my First Screenplay, so I don’t expect it to be a “Perfect Thing”.

      Thanks again, and let me know if that was an ok E-mail Address to send it too…



    1. Hey DarkJade, if you have Instagram, you can see some more pictures on there! I took some pictures of sheep today… huzzah! etc. The account name is hamsterwaffles :)


    2. I think so, I’m pretty sure it isn’t something you can just access online, which is a bit disappointing. I got a new phone last week after 6 years of walking round with a brick (a lovely brick, however) so now I am utterly enraptured by the awesomeness of SmartPhone badassness.


    3. Ha, Sadly I am Walking around with a “Mini” Brick Myself, which I like… But would much Rather have a Smart Phone at this Point…

      Ah, that’s too bad, would Love to see Your Pictures



  2. Pink and green is a magical phrase! Perhaps everyone gets something different… the melodious caress of sunlight really stood out for me like sparkles dancing to the tinkling of an ice cream truck. I liked the switch from the sweet remnants of perfume to the stale perfume too. :)


  3. I just realized tonight that I always get a big shit-eating grin on my face when I start reading your stories. It’s not that they always have a comedic twist to them, because not all of them do, but I know there are going to be phrases or attitudes within the story that I find exhilarating and/or quirkily funny. (Is that a British term at all–“shit-eating grin”? I wouldn’t be smiling if I actually were, but it’s a common term here).


    1. I’m not sure whether it is a British phrase, but it certainly should be now! Reading your comment has made me ridiculously cheery, so thank you so much :)


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