Another Invasion

We had only ourselves to blame, the sky had changed months ago, but we had been too preoccupied to notice. We had stared at our shoes and into each other’s eyes, and down the aisles of the supermarket, but when the clouds had disappeared and each morning was painted with an amusing shade of pastel gold, we were too deeply buried in each other’s beds or too transfixed with the glory of the television to have noticed.

Of course there were those who had tried to warn us, standing in the middle of town with their signs made of cardboard and fuzzy felts. We’d either ignore them or throw the leftovers of Greggs pasties at their backs, and occasionally we’d get some land in their pockets and do a celebratory lap of the Tesco carpark.  It was fantastic.

It shortly transpired of course that they were telling the truth and our pasty flinging had merely sustained them while they rubbed our noses in it. The aliens had taken over the sky and had started to take us one by one so they could have a poke around in our brains. And then it emerged that our government had made a deal so that they could abduct one of us and have a bit of a probe, and then we could abduct one of the aliens and have a good old dissection ourselves. Even the Queen had been in on it the whole time and had enjoyed a probe herself, once or twice. The media said it was a fair exchange, so it was a fair exchange. I wasn’t sure personally, but I’d just purchased a Louis Vuitton handbag, so it was all probably fine.

We still didn’t look up at the sky, there was little point in doing so, not now they’d started emailing the pictures straight to our phones.


17 thoughts on “Another Invasion

  1. Excellent, and Foreboding… A Pact with the unknown, with only Blindness to keep us Company.

    Brilliant Piece Anna… I see a whole Story to be told leading up to this… This would be a Great Opening Scene to a Film… Or a Book

    Well Done



    1. Thanks DarkJade! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Ignorance is always the best way to go when faced with certain destruction. Cupcake, anyone? :)


    1. She does indeed. I thought I’d give her a mention, considering it’s a festive topic of conversation, or some shit :D


  2. Yay! I was so sad when there was no post yesterday! I’d put up with a certain amount of alien probing for the right Louis Vuitton. Or local probing is acceptable too. Haha, “The media said it was a fair exchange, so it was a fair exchange.” That’s just priceless!


    1. Thanks Annie! I genuinely have no idea about brands, I had to listen to people at work talking so I had a basic idea of what people generally like to buy. If it’s not got a dead bunny on it, I have literally no idea :D


    2. Hehe! Me either, until I browsed their catalog after reading your story, but oh my! I rarely carry a handbag since I discovered cargo pants.


    3. Oh, cargo pants are amazing. AMAZING! I’m having a clear out of all my stuff and was about to sell mine until a wave of sentiment crept over me and now I’ve basically forced myself to keep them. After all, you never know when you’re going to need 20 pockets! :D


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