The Child

They had all died, of course, but none had died like this one. We lay him down to sleep and when we came to claim him, the snake had already taken his soul. I pulled the snake’s jaws away from the child’s head and wept bitterly into the night, my heart filled with odium. His eyes were closed and the blood trailed from the deep gashes in his skull down his cheeks, and into my hands. We pulled the snake into pieces and cursed the night.

Howling, I took him to where the others were waiting and together we left his poisoned body for the creatures in the forest to devour. Tonight we would not eat, perhaps tomorrow we would find another child to consume.


24 thoughts on “The Child

  1. Hey Anna, you wanted me to let you know when a FREE Digital Copy of My “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” Poetry Book was available again

    If you head to My “The Written Word” Site, My Latest Post has the Info for it… It will be available for a few days



  2. Today we had to send Vladimir the hamster to Hamster Heaven, and I am absolutely devestated. He was the hairiest hamster I have ever known and I will miss him terribly. I shan’t be frequenting WP much over the next couple of weeks, but there are a few scheduled posts ready to appear on Bunny Waffles, but this is just to let you know I shan’t be responding to comments for a while. He was just a small hamster, but I loved him with all my heart and want to take a short break from blogging. Thank you for your understanding. Anna x


    1. :'( I miss you all week. When I don’t see you I come looking for why and I’m so sorry. I should probably try to say something cheerful about Great Hamster Wheels in the sky, or it’s only the beginning of a new Habitrail, but I don’t have anything uplifting like that so I just love you, okay? ♥ Hurry back.


    2. Reading this nearly got me all emotional again… thank you so much Annie, I have missed you too! I think I sound silly when I say it, but I like to think he’s in the big hamster wheel in the sky, just sat there as he used to do in life, ruining the fun for all the other hamsters :3 I still think of him an awful lot, but it has got easier. I actually can’t thank you enough for your lovely words (I love you too!), and I should hopefully be back this weekend :)


    3. I hadn’t seen this, I’m so sorry Anna… My kitty is getting older, and I’ve been trying to spend a lot of time with him over the last year… I mean, he’s 10, so he could be around for a bit longer, but life is so much shorter for most animals than it is for us humans… I’ve lost a few kitties over the years, but I had been away from him for a year and a half, and when I saw him last year after being away, he just looked older to me… And I was sad.

      Mortality is #@!@! Especially when it comes to things, and people you Love… Vlad always sounded like such a Special one, and I’m glad you had him in your Life… But I am also Very Sad for your Loss…

      I send you Hugs, and Pets (yes Pets, Lol… Humans can be Petted too), and Love and Friendship and Hope and Belief that there will be many more Beautiful things in your Life Like Vlad… And though he is not with you anymore, he is indeed always going to be with you, if you know what I mean… Memory is something that plays a very Vital Role in a Human’s Life, and in this case, though painful, will Play a very big Role for you.

      You are a Special one, and Everything you Touch is Beautiful, so I’m Sure he was even More Beautiful for his time Spent with you…

      Take Care, and Come Home to us Soon… You are Missed



    4. I Wrote you a Poem, for Your Safe Return… I’d Link it, but I believe My Link Replies go to SPAM… It’s Called “I Will Come For You”, you can Check it out upon your Return

      xo Anna



    5. Thank you so much for all your lovely words (and pets!). I do still miss him an awful lot- due to my organised nature I’d written in my diary for every Sunday for the rest of the year to clean him out, and now it breaks my heart whenever I reach Sunday. I just don’t have the heart to cross it all out.

      And I just don’t know what to say at all about the beautiful poem that you wrote for me. Oh God, thank you so much, I can’t even tell you how much it means- and the video you left for me at the end made me smile, which was so wonderful. You are truly a wonderful friend, DarkJade, thank you so much for all your support :) I’m sure I will be back soon, I just need to kick my lethargic, melancholy brain into action.


    6. The Diary thing is tough… I’m not sure I could deal with that… I might have to put it into a Special Box, where I keep Special things, and get a New Diary… But that’s just me… Perhaps it will be easier for you to let them appear as they do for a while… And when they go away, well, that is just horrible

      Hmm, on a Lighter note, I am glad the Video made you smile, I didn’t feel like ending on a Somber Note… No, Vlad will always be with you, and I’m sure you still talk to him in your head… Maybe

      I’m glad that you are ok, I was quite not happy about your situation for several days, and have been carrying you around in My Heart, trying to keep you warm whilst you heal



    7. You’re Welcome, I Wrote you another Poem, to Help You Through Your Sundays… It’s Called “Your Shadow Will Accompany Me”




    1. Thanks DarkJade! I’m glad it left you wanting more, always pleased to know stuff has the effect I intended of it :)


  3. Snakes. You just can’t leave food within their reach! When you read it a second time, “wept bitterly into the night, my heart filled with odium” is hilarious.


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