It’s The Insanity Aquarium’s one year Blogiversary! Share the insanity…

Bunny Waffles

Exactly one year ago today, I published my first ever post on The Insanity Aquarium. In the last year my blog has been viewed over 13,000 times (and as a result 13,000 kittens have been killed, you evil people), has gained over 200 followers, and was Freshly Pressed in December 2011. I began my blog as I finished University and since then I’ve changed jobs, moved into my own flat, started a new blog, had a small review published at the Pit & Pendulum, and have discovered a love for miniature donuts. It’s been a helluva year!

But it’s even more of a celebration as my good friend Pete over at Evolution of Insanity is also celebrating his first year blogiversary! We started our blogs on the very same day and have shared stories of life, general hatred and cakes made from orphans ever since. My journey on…

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  1. Happy bloggy birdy to you, happy bloggy birdy to you, happy bloggy birdy dear annnnnnnnnnn nnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, happy bloggy birdy to you.

    Now go and eat some birdseed and don’t say I didn’t tell you that you’d be famous, your blog would be ultra specially good and full of all sorts of mind bloggingly (boggingly?) good goodness… er, badness… ‘cos really, I mean, y’know, your posts, y’know are full of badness. Dark badness, dark creepy, blood-filled gut-wrenching expialidociousness. Lots of. ;)

    Hugs. You did well. Do well for another year. And another. Keep it coming. And WRITE THAT BOOK!


    1. Ahhh, thank you so much Val! I wholly intend to keep at this for as long as it takes to feel more comfortable with my writing… and then I would absolutely love to publish a book! I have no idea how I would ever get into it though, a little Miss Marple-ing might be in order :)

      I’m so glad to see you back, Val- your new blog is beautiful!


    1. I went to Coos Bay, Oregon (Google some pics). It’s absolutely gorgeous and a geologic wonderland as well, but it’s a black hole for phone service. :)


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