Quiet Lunacy

The walls of the History classroom were painted a dim olive colour, and upon their faces hung uninspiring posters of British politicians, and the methods  by which lobotomy procedures were performed in the 1930s. I sat in my plastic chair, the munificent cushion below my buttocks providing ample luxury for the hour, my hair hiding my eyes, black lace sleeves embracing my pallid arms; an unfashionable and distinctly uninteresting look, a reflection of my putrid insides, with just the faintest sense of irony.

Directly opposite me sat a girl whom my heart instantly loved, her porcelain skin reflected the muted light inside the room and her full red lips appeared to have been crafted for the utmost purpose of eternal love. Her dark hair was always pinned back, and her shoes, so delicate, lay tied in an intricate pattern. She had tiny tattoos upon her wrist and neck, and where else I could only have imagined, they weaved themselves all over her tiny frame, a map leading fingers over her delicate skin to the most clandestine parts of her body. She could not look at me, but sometimes she would close her eyes and tremble, as though she knew my gaze was upon her. The circular layout of the classroom desks cursed me to steal my glances at only auspicious moments, lest others might be able to see my adoration and loathing, though when she chose to look up towards where I sat and skimmed her eyes along my table to pass between my neighbours to the right and left, never quite meeting my eyes, my body ached with longing and my heart dissolved in unrelenting fury.

The tutor’s warming drone wrapped around my spine, and the sugar in the fluid within my eyes encouraged them to seal. In these moments I would often find myself sat beside her, allowing her perfume to settle inside my nose. Her skin, too exquisite to be touched, would splinter as I dragged my blade across her chest. She could not bear to look at me as I unlaced those beautiful shoes and her  shirt, and ran my hands over her collar bones. My hands traced along her shoulders and down slender arms, to the tips of perfectly manicured finger nails. I intertwined my fingers with hers- my heart melting from her distinct scent, a devastating fusion of fear and sweetness- and slowly began to pull.

She closed her eyes and cried shallowly from the pain, a noise of angst, and one which shattered her image of beauty and solemnity. Enraged I resumed my task of dislocating her arms from her shoulders; purely beautiful tears ran down her cheeks and merged with her make up, great swathes of grey staining her face as her bones broke beneath my fingers. With the most implausible squelching noise her arms were finally severed from their sockets, endlessly yawning hollows of red making up the space where her arms used to be. We say nothing of course, too overcome by her dismantling, though I somehow find the strength to place my lips upon hers, her blood coursing down my torso, and her own.

I awake and find that the class has finished, and the girl has bid me adieu. I sit quietly as she leaves through the door and simultaneously runs through my head, armless and bleeding, each action conducted with equal swiftness. I attempt to follow but am blocked by my fellow classmates who fall in my way. I did not know her name, though I had kissed her goodnight a thousand times.


9 thoughts on “Quiet Lunacy

  1. Anna! You never cease to amaze me with your talent, I began to read this and I was thinking “yeah I’m totally jizzing right now” and then her arms were suddenly being dislocated and I’m like, “yeah I’m totally jizzing right now” hah! The descriptions you convey are beautiful, your writing is an art. You need to write some sort of horror novel I’m telling thee.


    1. D’aw, Pete, fanks! :3 I was writing this thinking, ‘Maybe I’m taking this too far…’, then I felt disgusted with myself for questioning how far I was willing to take it, so I took it further than it probably should have gone. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! <3


    2. I’m glad you went that far, reading this was like a mental horror flick; I’m telling you, you could be a millionaire with your mind :)


  2. Now, now Anna, you can’t just go hacking up every girl that tickles your fancy, Lol

    Well, I guess you could, but where’s the fun in that… Wait… Don’t answer that, Lol

    After all, Girls are the prettier sex… Right? Lol

    This was Written exquisite by the way… One of your best yet

    The girl being watched made me think of “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo”…

    Have you seen that trilogy of Swedish Films?

    Not the American one… The actress in the Swedish Trilogy is Amazing

    Both the Actress, and especially the Character she portrays

    I should read the books… I imagine they’re awesome

    See these Films Anna if you can… I Love them, and think you might too

    The first one is a mystery, and touches on some history too… Which I know you have an affinity for

    Beautiful piece Anna… Your descriptions of the girl are palpable



    1. Thank you so much Dark Jade! I haven’t seen the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, nor have I read the books, but I might just have to one day. I’m glad you liked this one, I wrote it with the intention of it being a little dark. The Christmas-themed stories start next week aswell, something to look forward to! :D


    2. You might have noticed, that I like, and/or Write about strong girl characters… Well I can’t hardly think of a stronger character than Lisbeth in “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”… Plus she looks bad a$$, Lol

      I actually Wrote a brief Review about the Trilogy a year ago http://darkjade68.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/the-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-trilogy/

      This story that you Wrote definitely takes a hard turn into Serious Darkness, so “Intention” Achieved, Lol

      The whole thing is like a Tapestry of Coolness the way it’s Written, and eloquent as usual. Every word chosen specifically, and placed just so.

      “Silence Of The Lambs” comes into mind as well, mainly because of the Gruesome murders in it… It used to be one of my favorite Films, Loved Anthony Hopkins. Both “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, and “Silence Of The Lambs” both include multiple murders of young girls by serious sick individuals, which is the other thing this story made me think of.

      You definitely ‘cross lines’ with your Writing, which helps to seriously hook the reader.

      Christmas Stories??!! Ohhhh nooo, So much Redddd… And Kittenssss!! Lol

      Look Forward to it



  3. I hope I’m not reading too much satire into this. I love black as much as the next girl, but there are times when the Gothic look strikes me as morbidly necrophilic. Anyway, you really put the “rot” in erotica with this one! I was really glad you didn’t ruin the moment with anything violent, like beating her with her arms. I loved the lips “crafted for the utmost purpose of eternal love,” and I especially loved the little “moment after” you created! ♥


    1. I love that- the ‘rot’ in ‘erotica’! <3 Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I thought I'd try something a little more intense this week :)


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