Blue Monday

The octopus creature had us both strung up by our necks and I could feel his rubbery suckers folding around the front of my throat. I looked at my husband dangling nonchalantly in front of me and met his stare, finding that even was I not being strangled, I was entirely incapable of a single utterance. What might have been suitable? Aladdin’s musical and romantic ‘I can open your eyes’ engaged in a brief dalliance with my brain, but it just didn’t seem right due to the lack of drama and general infidelity. In the next moment the octopus had sort of resolved the problem anyway by ripping my husband’s eyeballs out. In the end I had said nothing, and then it had been too late. Perhaps the thought was enough, or perhaps the vast emptiness which followed was louder than our time together had been.

I looked at the octopus creature and complimented him on the blueness of his tentacles. The tedious air of the sycophantic.


About Anna

Author of the Insanity Aquarium. Current fears include time as a concept, the squishiness of my right eyeball, and not being able to open this jar.
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15 Responses to Blue Monday

  1. Taylor says:

    I have located your blog by searching for ‘cabbage puns’. This is your legacy. Wear it proud.


    • Anna says:

      I shall! It just wouldn’t be a normal day without someone searching for cabbage puns and ending up here.


  2. Pete Howorth says:

    I don’t know what was going on here but Octopus’ are bastards.


  3. joetwo says:

    Good one! I hope the octopus is amenable to flattery.


  4. Anne Schilde says:

    Bad hair days. Hate ’em!


  5. darkjade68 says:

    Well, if this is a ‘ premonition’ of some sort, than you might consider marrying the octopus in instead, and save yourself the flattering, Lol

    Of course, the there’ s the whole being married to an octopus thing, and we all know how that goes…

    Uh, yeah? Maybe not, but it still saves you the flattering, Lol

    Sense that makes, no? Lol

    Good Piece Anna



    • Anna says:

      Ha! I love this comment, it made me chuckle when I read it at work. You really shouldn’t make me laugh so insanely, it makes me look all insane and such :D


    • darkjade68 says:

      You say that like it’s a bad thing, Lol

      I’m sure they’d never consider the possibility of the Blue Haired Girl, in the Long Black Boots, who spends much of her free time Drinking a Spot of Tea, and dipping biscuits, with Aliens, Bunnies and Octopi… Not to mention harpooning passer-byres from her upstairs window, using the crossbow she received for Christmas, from herself, Lol

      As being, ‘Insane’

      And if they do… You know where they live, Lol

      Or at least where they work, Ha



    • Anna says:

      The fact that you know me so well is utterly amazeballs :D


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