Pain Relief

I have the best part in the room, if nothing else.
I can look out of the window
at the tree which sometimes contains
pigeons, and the neighbour’s window frame which rarely is void
of natural debris.
Sometimes when it is quiet, the empty smoothie bottle in my bin
will slip downwards
amongst the meaty caress of papers, and the rustling reminds me of
the squirrel we rescued, cared for
and killed unintentionally.
Sometimes when it is very quiet I recall letting a stranger
lick the back of my teeth before I realised
he wasn’t just trying to lean in
and compliment me on my cat shoes.

My forehead stings because of the pain
relief I’ve slathered upon it.
I’ll lead us down a stream of consciousness
if you’re not careful,
and alienate myself.
Mainly then I wanted to describe how much I wanted him to stick
his fingers inside me,
sticky, as we careened down the dark country road,
fog lights reflecting off signs, reflecting off my
McDonald’s smoothie container.
We’re on smoothies again already,
and I haven’t even got to
the best part yet.


14 thoughts on “Pain Relief

  1. That so never occurred to me. Just walk up and start licking the back of someone’s teeth, eh? “Oh! Those are…um… very nice cat shoes!” You might be my reason for life.


    1. I’ve genuinely told my boyfriend that in the event of my death he should send my story ideas notebook to you, and you only. Not for you to pick them up of course (unless you wanted to), but just to have them in the hands of someone who understands. <3


  2. Down to the squirrel that was killed by accident, the poem is wonderful. After that it isn’t anymore, though maybe it is more personal, more your own, where you are alone, though all language is convention.


    1. Well, you know what they say- ’tis better to write for the self and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self :)


    1. I suppose it is rather, Val! I must be subconciously infatuated by my recent rediscovery of raspberry jam.


    2. Hubby told me recently that he’d read that during the war (ww2, I think) raspberry jam had seeds made of wood… so.. er…


    1. Thank you so much Kristyon! You are more than welcome to come visit and drink Insanity Aquarium octocpus-blend milkshakes whenever you pass by :)


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