Routine’s Interlude

‘Did you feel it judder?’

If I placed my elbow on the arm rest
and my fist beneath my chin
I could taste the vibrations of the engine,

but I didn’t feel it judder.


About Anna

Author of the Insanity Aquarium. Current fears include time as a concept, the squishiness of my right eyeball, and not being able to open this jar.
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6 Responses to Routine’s Interlude

  1. Anne Schilde says:

    I think you have to say the word “engine” with your teeth clenched.


  2. Judder is now my new favorite verb.


  3. joetwo says:

    You must have soothed it with your touch.


  4. This is lovely, my lovely.


    • Anna says:

      Did I ever tell you that this one was about the train I was on running over somebody? I was trapped with fellow commuters for three hours whilst they cleaned body parts from beneath the carriages. It feels like the right day to share this sort of thing.


    • Oh, my goodness. This kinda made my day. I bet that person felt the judder.


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