Alright mate, fancy reading some of this here horror flash fiction? Of course you do!

Created in 2011 as a blog for sharing my dreadful original literature, the Insanity Aquarium was Freshly Pressed in December 2011 and survives to this day as a depository of infrequent stories which attract the sane and insane alike.

My blogging name is Anna – a pseudonym adopted from my time spent anonymously lurking in suicide forums as a depressed teenager with OCPD. Things have very much moved on since then: I am pleased to report that I am now a depressed adult with OCPD. I enjoy listening to music in alphabetical order (and mostly enjoy it when I get to listen to Every Time I Die and Thursday), reading about Cold War history, watching soothing nonsense television programmes about aliens, and watching ASMR videos even though I thoroughly detest repetitive sounds. I live in Nottingham (UK) and work in the Higher Education sector facilitating continuous improvement. I can’t drive because my retinas are bleeding, so I spend a lot of time on the train complaining about not having a lot of time to write. I am conflicted between knowing that uniqueness does not exist, and that I am the only person who will arrange my socks just so. I am also terribly, terribly boring.


I have no idea how I ended up where I am, but more importantly I still have no idea how to be a successful blogger. You may soon discover that I have used the term “flash fiction” to cover up my appalling inability to write more than a few paragraphs at a time – and you’re more than welcome to follow me in my failed attempts at creativity here on the Insanity Aquarium.

Header image created by Shaun Dickens – shaundickens@live.co.uk

33 thoughts on “About

  1. How can you possibly feel sorry for Squidward of SpongeBob Squarepants when you just made this blog about humor and expressed your hatred for truthful restrictions?


  2. Okay, you are so brilliant! And unique! You were nice enough to take a look at my blog over at the forums (tyvm, btw) so that, in turn, got me checking out your blog. I am a new follower, can’t wait to see what you got for us next! :)


  3. You’re the type of loony I like. It’s about time I find a blog as crazy as this. Keep it going and I shall be back to read more soon. Toodles!



  4. Thanks for your kind remarks about my blog. Where do you find the creative energy to write so often?

    I find after full time work, I come home and just passively enjoy reading and looking stuff on the ‘Net. Vicarious fun –like your blog. :)


  5. Yes well as long as you don’t start running through the streets naked, jump through flaming hoops or leap across three goats and a hobo in spandex then I guess that you will be fine…

    By the way, have a great rest
    of weekend and be good too :)

    What a wicked introduction…
    No, I mean yours not mine :) lol



  6. *random heartfelt compliment and inspirational advice that’d keep you from topping yourself when you’re down*

    Now remember that, because I shan’t be repeating it.


  7. “I also have a tremendous fear of pigeons and tins.”

    I have an odd dislike of wet wooden spoons and your blog entries are brilliant. Those two statements have no connection whatsoever but I’m still going to follow you anyway.

    Looking forward to seeing more!



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