The First Blog

And so it begins; the blog to begin all blogs. For today however there will be no story, or interesting fact, or morbidly fascinating account of how a 60 year old man proposistioned me in a hotel, over fish and chips. No. Today I declare the purpose of this aforementioned and currently particularly scarce blog as being an opportunity for me to merge the reality and inclination to exaggerate within my own head, here in pixel format. This should prove both extremely compelling, and needlessly boring. I apologise for this now, and shall likely do so again in the future.

And thus, the Insanity Aquarium is born: void of fish, but whose author overflows with the desperate need to unload all the various and over-emphasised tales of llamas and horny old men that simply would not be tolerated in normal society.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy.