Saying Goodbye

I remember the first day I set eyes on you and brought you home. The day was desperately overcast and gloomy, but I had no reason to feel this storm in my heart. Standing alongside you with a tenable hint of pride coursing through my brain, I knew that you would be perfect… that you would make my house a home, would encourage me in the mornings to wake up and embrace the day. You promised me all of this and at that moment, I loved you. I loved deeper than I had ever felt love before. I never wanted us to be apart. But as the days went on… oh, my love, the weather should have been an indicator of our future.

Things went well for the first few days and you settled in so well- seeing you in the mornings would bring a huge smile to my face. You were perfectly formed and delightful: I had never seen one as beautiful as you. I knew that this would be the first day of the rest of my life, and I looked forward to waking up each morning to the sounds of your boisterous but melodic singing. But then it began… you started making these noises when I wasn’t expecting it. You’d start squawking in my general direction at the wrong time, and I would strike you to the floor with fury. You made me hit you. Continue reading “Saying Goodbye”